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Factory Sale High Capacity Electric Meat Smokers,Automatic Cleaning System

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Factory Sale High Capacity Electric Meat Smokers,Automatic Cleaning System Design


This meat smoking tools used on smoking meat food, such as smoking cigarettes bologna, beef, chicken, fish, ham, barbeque, etc., kinds of meat food cigarette smoking stove, sausage cigarette smoking and also handling, high capability, stainless steel product, health, and even healthy, PLC program, electronic displaying, automatic temperature as well as time was adjusting, very appropriate for meat food plant, meat food manufacturing facility, sausage plant, bologna smoking.


Meat Smoking Equipment Reference Parameter:

meat smoking equipment
































Utilizing high-quality stainless steel, solid inner as well as an external layer of all-welded structure, thermal insulation product with polyurethane insulation material, high thermal insulation residential properties, quick home heating, power conservation.


Meat Smoking Equipment Advantage:

Product name

meat smoking equipment


Can produce a variety of products

The operation is very simple

It can work automatically

High product quality

Maintain the consistency of the product taste

Stable product quality

The horizontal airflow can be adjusted

Clean and hygienic

No waste discharge

Ensure the consistency

Smoked foods contain no tar


Fully automatical electricity control


The modular box structure is taken on, and the setup form is adaptable: single or dual row arrangement can be supplied, as well as the cart can be moved in and out in individual instructions, as well as can additionally be made right into a network kind front and back door, as well as an interlocking gadget of raw and also prepared location can also be installed.


After the installation of equipment, offer complimentary advice and training to your firms' designated drivers, to allow them to realize the procedure method and essential maintenance of the material. After the delivery of devices, supply a one-year complimentary guarantee. (Include the cost of genetic damage components, except the electric elements.

We are expecting to develop a long-term as well as mutual-benefit organization connection with every one of you. We will certainly assure you of our affordable price with far better quality and service. Our team believes you will obtain what you anticipate from our business.

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