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Factory Price High Quality Meat Smokers With Long Service Life

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Factory Price High Quality Meat Smokers With Long Service Life Design


meat smoking tools with cooking, cooking, drying, cigarette smoking, shade features, primarily for smoked meat as well as fish products process, Warmed by electricity or steam.meat cigarette smoking tools can recognize the mechanization, electrification, continual manufacturing, considerably improve manufacturing performance.


Meat Smoking Equipment Basic Info:

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meat smoking equipment





Automatic Grade


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Motor, PLC


Stainless steel






Completely automatic smoke smelting heating system is regulated by a computer system. It can present procedure parameters such as humidity, temperature level, and also time on one display at the same time. In the manufacturing process, criteria can be changed at any moment according to process requirements, real-time monitoring of the running condition of the equipment.


Meat Smoking Equipment Material:

Product name

meat smoking equipment

raw materials

chicken, pork mutton ,beef,etc


smoked chicken, smoked fish, smoked ham, etc


We will send off engineers to execute installment and also debug of the tools in the purchaser's place if asked for. The price for International Double ways air tickets, holiday accommodations, food, and even transports, medical shall be paid by Purchaser for the engineers. The customer will completely accept Provider's engineer and make all the setup problems ready to work. We offer remote service if the consumer does not know how to operate and use the machine.

The products have actually concerned the markets in Russia, Ukraine, Thailand, Australia, Korea, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Britain, Poland, Venezuela, Columbia, South Africa, etc. The brilliance and integrity help Leader to be the only meat smoking cigarette equipment in China food machinery that achieves the yearly sales of billions of bucks.

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